Our Mission

To provide a high-quality, accessible education to a diverse student body, 

Our Visions

  • Excellence in teaching and learning
  • Accessibility and inclusivity

Our Goal

  • Develop new academic programs in high-demand fields
  • Expand online and distance learning options
About Us

Welcome to Sophia Online Degree College, Bangalore

Sophia Online Degree College, Bangalore was established in the year 2022 at Bangalore to provide online education. In India, where people and their favorite College are separated by great distances, often obstructing the mainstream type of Study, the online education mode will prove to be useful in many situations.

The tremendous change at which science and technology is progressing makes it essential for people to develop their knowledge and expertise in order to keep streamlined in their fields of work. The significance of distance education is a source of openings for people who aspire to learn further but don’t have the convenience for it.

In distance literacy or distance education, the instructor and learner are separated geographically and by time. System of correspondence program has developed into distance education, with the accession of fresh features. On the other hand, open literacy refers to an arrangement in which learners borrow the style of tone- instruction, completing programs structured around especially set literacy accoutrements , supported by contact classes and examinations.

Open learning implies a gospel of open entry and access to learning openings but it doesn’t inescapably incorporate technological advances. Distance literacy makes use of new technological devices. There may be slightly varying views on these delineations. Open universities have made remarkable progress in recent times thanks to the great demand for installations different from those offered by conventional institutions.

We offer correspondence programs like Correspondence BA, CorrespondenceB.com, Correspondence M.A, CorrespondenceM.com, Correspondence MBA, Correspondence BBA, Correspondence BSc, Correspondence MSc, Distance BCA, Online MCA, Correspondence B.Ed., Correspondence D.Ed., and Distance Diploma.


Our Value Added Services
Sophia Online Degree College provides the study material to their student for FREE. B Ed Admission is known for the best customer services provided.
FREE Counseling
Sophia Online Degree College always offers the counseling for FREE and it would be FREE forever.
FREE Practical File Assistance
Sophia Online Degree College offers the FREE practical file assistance to their candidates. The assistance available online and offline both.
Complete Service
Sophia Online Degree College not only will help you to get direct admission but will give the full service and assistance throughout the Program.
Excellent Team
Sophia Online Degree College has a dedicated team of expert consultants who will assist you on each and every step.
Single Point of Contact
Sophia Online Degree College will provide you a single point of contact who will handle all your Questions.

What Students Say


Hi this is Roshni. I have completed my bcom in Sophia Online Degree College, i could complete my graduation in correspondence without disturbing my work

Saba Parveen

I had a great time doing course and everyone working there involved helping me out and has made it a great experience I look forward

Rahila K

I am happy that I finally completed my MBA and graduated from this Sophia Online Degree College. It was a really great experience and people

Ayush V

From bottom of my heart I am expressing my gratitude. I am very thankful for the institute for the great support. Finally I fulfilled my


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